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Bogdan Khelnytskyi Street is rich with the legacy of famous artists. Renowned actors of Lesia Ukrayinka Theater resided here, poetess A. Akhmatova studied here, writers I. Franko and V. Korolenko, poets O. Blok and A. Belyi all visited the street. The building in which Reprisa is located in is a centuries old landmark, designed by a renowned architect M.I. Yaskevych
This landmark has a history of more than hundred years and is inspired by Italian themes. The building has an atmosphere of famous works of art and is an embodiment of esthetic masterpiece.  The Lyre, one of the first cinemas in Kyiv was founded in this building, as well as one of the first pioneering sweets workshops – Reprisa!
This street is rich with secrets of sweets making since the 18th century, when the bounties of Ukrainian gardens were highly prized in the court of Spanish duke Monpazier owing to Balabukh’s Kyiv Preserve factory. This Bohemian arts street still retains its atmosphere where Oleksandr Kuprin, Mykhaylo Bulgakov and many others lived and created.
Reprisa cafeteria boutique is located among the arrangement of ‘Kyiv Renaissance’ style buildings in Velyka Vasylkivska Street. History of this manor house, designed by V. Hanke can be traced back to the 19th century. Here lived and gained inspiration Lesia Ukrayinka’s sister, writers Viktor Nekrasov and Isaac Babel.